S&S Podcast – DECEMBER

This month commences a new feature of the blog! A regularly occurring though interchangeable themed podcast. This month’s podcast is all COLD TRACKS, new and old postpunk and wave. Next podcast to be featured is going to be the “FAVORITES OF 2017” – and to warn you all, its going to be very much a dark and heavy sort of podcast! Until then, enjoy!



TRACKLIST : (Download Below)

Intro : Alice Coltrane – Krishna Krishna

Factice Factory – A Comme Audran (Electro Chabrol Version)

Frak – Dimthings

Kirlian Camera – Helden Platz

Giusy Dej – Follow Me (Hysterical Extended Mix)

Neud – Verpissdich

Police Des Mouers – Vieilles Images

Passion Noire – Joy of Hate Volume 2

Sacrestia del Santissimo Sangue – Alla Gloria del Supremo Vendicatore

Oberst Panizza – Pflanzen Unter Dem Eis

Black Devil Disco Club – The Devil in Us (Dub Version)

Cybotron – The Line

Yellow Magic Orchestra – The Key

Legowelt – Act of Judgement