Mix for Tram Planet


My mixtape for my friends in Nashville who run a very cool lineage of releases and parties – they have brought people like Negative Gemini, Twins, Myn, Steve Summers and done releases for Bergsonist, LMFDM and Prostitutes just to name a few.

Tracklist :

trisomie 21 – last song
hacker – midnight bliss
lust for youth – another day (dh cut)
synths vs me – tears of joy
alessandro parisi – azot et ignis
john maus – streetlights (mick wills cut)
guyer’s connection – pogo of techno (dh cut)
forward music quintet – nocturnal horror (dh edit)
bernardino femminelli – gluates pornographies (dh edit)
crash course in science – jump over barrels (dh edit)
chris and cosey – voodoo (dh remix)
mutant beat dance – the protagonist
attrition – beast of burden (take a walk) (dh edit)
legowelt – teenage romance
sumerian fleet – the emperor’s new groove
ny housing authority – apt 2a
paul johnson – aw shit
d’marc cantu – be somebody
pukemaster gehm – 303 degrees below zero
absolute body control – tanzmusik (sneaker edit)

S & S Podcast – January



This mix brings many memories back, many emotions. Some of my favorite tracks are here. A friend wanted me to make him an Italo disco mix. I didn’t fully come through. I just might make a high powered mix in the future. I wanted to carry some emotion and nostalgia here, and that is why tracks like “Telefon”, “Forever and a Day” and “I’m Going to Go” are here. I hope you like the mix. Tracklisting below.


deux – golden dreams
lonely boys – hold me tightly
denis & denis – telefon
guisy dej – walking in the night
valerie dore – get closer
jago – i’m going to go frankie knuckles mix
93rd superbowl – forever and a day
in trance 95 – desire to desire
eleven pond – watching trees
moulin rouge – welcome home
frozen autumn – dusk is like a dagger



S & S Podcast – Auroral Ambient Mix

Photo from Winter of 2016

Here you’ll find classic ambient from its period based out of the German musical movement of the 70s, all the way up to its current glory with tracks by artists based out of the Cryochamber camp like Northumbria and Alphaxone. I give a nod to Ildjarn’s Roland improvisation from his album “Landscapes” and Dughpa from Sweden, two artists which hold weight in the raw black metal sound – Dughpa is also in TOMHET and WULKANAZ.

I also was excited to include a track from Danny Wolfers / Legowelt aka SMACKOS here, from his recent album “UFO Onderzoek 1983.” Full of warm and fuzzy explorations of snowcovered mountains out of the passenger seat of a UFO, we are so fortunate to finally hear him explore synthesis without the constrictions of making dance tracks.

I would have let Klaus Schulze play for 30 minutes, but if I was to continue with the mix,  I would have added more tracks instead! It was incredibly fun to make this mix, but I was left with lots more to say. Fortunately this will not be the last time you receive an ambient podcast!


Tracklist :

Robert rich – glint in her eyes
jordan reyes – la diosa de las aguilas
ildjarn – untitled
smackos – der eerste sneeubui
dughpa – folds upon folds of dunes
robert scott thompson – casual connecting principle
northumbria – song for freya
manuel gottsching – ocean of tenderness
aphex twin – rhubarb
pleq – my little story about love – seque illusion mix
alphaxone – human frequencies
ian martin – KOD1
zoltan soloman – nevtelen OT
klaus schulze – floating (Excerpt)

S&S Podcast – DECEMBER

This month commences a new feature of the blog! A regularly occurring though interchangeable themed podcast. This month’s podcast is all COLD TRACKS, new and old postpunk and wave. Next podcast to be featured is going to be the “FAVORITES OF 2017” – and to warn you all, its going to be very much a dark and heavy sort of podcast! Until then, enjoy!



TRACKLIST : (Download Below)

Intro : Alice Coltrane – Krishna Krishna

Factice Factory – A Comme Audran (Electro Chabrol Version)

Frak – Dimthings

Kirlian Camera – Helden Platz

Giusy Dej – Follow Me (Hysterical Extended Mix)

Neud – Verpissdich

Police Des Mouers – Vieilles Images

Passion Noire – Joy of Hate Volume 2

Sacrestia del Santissimo Sangue – Alla Gloria del Supremo Vendicatore

Oberst Panizza – Pflanzen Unter Dem Eis

Black Devil Disco Club – The Devil in Us (Dub Version)

Cybotron – The Line

Yellow Magic Orchestra – The Key

Legowelt – Act of Judgement