The Past Mirrors as Worms on Summer Asphalt

In your mind – do you hear the voices of those of the past? So called brothers or sisters – allegiances. They were our magnetism, drawn to them – because we too were lost in negative patterns. And they were like weights on our ankles as we attempted to go back up for air. Always in our pondering and questioning – or attempting to reassemble our minds – they were there to remind us of what they saw us as only.

In our inability to see our gifts and trust ourselves, we fell prey to our own requirement of validation through the opinions and actions of those that we saw as ourselves. But they are not ourselves, and will never be.

When lost, we cannot find our reflection in the mirror – but only validation from the external brains and thoughts outside. When we cannot recognize our gifts and powers, when we cannot trust ourselves – we are lost to seek the “help” of people who cannot even help themselves out of their own coma.

And then, when you have already set sails and moved forward, though not perfectly, working through years of negative habits and thoughts and beliefs, they seem to still be lost, drowning. Like writhing worms on charred asphalt in July.

Maybe then, we can proceed to surround ourselves with more silence, but those who we do allow in, are those who have made more improvements than we have, that have succeeded more than we have. Those are the mirrors into us, those that can teach us and impress us.