Yule Update

Happy Yule.


The photos for this blog were taken from a hike on Signal Point Trail on Signal Mountain, Tennessee. You can follow my journeys into nature on Instagram – @danielholtt


Odin said somethin akin to “Words makes for more words. Deeds makes for more deeds.”

I believe that stating openly our plans immediately ruins them! Secrecy is key. Many times time will be the ultimate test of our convictions. There is a bit of fear in me to openly let many people know what I have scheming, and strangely enough the less time I think of doing things and go with the force of Will, it easily manifests in many ways.

With that, there are so many things I have the desire to unleash through this vehicle called StormandStress.blog…


Here are some things that I CAN talk about openly at this moment in time.

Seems as though my writings are only occult themed. I’m no expert. I don’t profess to have some experience that puts me in the “know.” But I feel excited by the state of Knowing, and if I can inspire other people to become ecstatic with this knowledge that is good enough for me. But this website needs to also be generally updated.

I have been in the process of developing new creative outlets since this summer. These things take time, but the end results that I feel are really exciting and sincerely realize my expression will be shown soon.



You can also follow my hiking adventures through Instagram – @Danielholtt


One of those projects has taken a year to complete and finally I have finished! That project is VEMYRLEKAM – solo raw black metal. VEMYRLEKAM is a magical project and thus, I have written lots of lyrics and poems in the process. Those are two creative outlets that have completely rejuvenated me after quite some time in a stagnant frozen tundra.. There will be more news on this project soon but let it be known this will be a major aspect of my life from this point forward.


I have also been immensely enjoying using pen and paper – and imitating the stippling / cross hatching technique (that you see of many Gustav Dore prints) to make strange sketches. There will be more news on these projects in the future, nothing I can say too openly about.  For now, its just about developing, challenging and not simply just imitating the typical imagery in the surrealist or grotesque realm.


Another project I have been developing has the focus of using a wood burning tool and creating artworks on pieces of wood. My first use of the wood burning tool was ritually crafting a set of Runes. From there I began to use the wood burning tool to actually craft images of nature and Odin. I first was inspired to learn wood burning because my father sells wood burn art pieces. For me, the next step required in the process is framing and designing easily useable hangers / hooks so that they can be used as decoration.

Below is the last piece I’ve completed. There is more work to be done and technique to improve on. For now, my major focus will be writing and recording more VEMYRLEKAM material.


You can follow my developments on Instagram at @danielholtt






With the turning of the season to fall, I feel my creativity hightens. The soul – like a tree with roots underground and branches reaching into lofty heavens – sheds the unnecessary spirits of the year like leaves. The mind turns to gratitude to the ALL for the harvested rewards that were earned through actions through the year.

The unnecessary is buried in the mounds, rewards of actions are harvested – and in the back of my mind – I drift into the heavy meanings this time of year must have held for them. They that toiled, struggled, yearned to live, love and grow as a people and a lineage for centuries – my ancestors. And my ancestors believed that the passage that the Sun made through this time – this season – lifted the veil between the beyond and the living. Gratitude, love and offerings were given to the spirits of deceased family. Blessings were given to the holy powers that represented special aspects of the ALL.

For me, autumn is the time of melancholy, the time is drifting into coldness. There is a return to solitude and inspiration. There is a drifting into synchronization with time and the season.

There are occult symbols of the power that is to be acquired through the adherence of our souls path to the rhythm of the sun’s path through the seasons. The Chariot Tarot card is one.


The Chariot in the THOTH deck is depicted as an armored soldier sitting in a meditative position on a Chariot without a horse. He is simply at the helm with the four Kerubim – representing the four seasons. He sits at peace with the direction that the Will of the All takes him – and this means that there are different spirits to the seasons. The time of fall and winter is a time of introspection, solitude, and beginning to contemplate the desired accomplishments of the next year.

But also, as our soul is like a tree, and our useless characteristics fall to the ground and die.

It seems that I have made personal choices this year that have been rapid, and moved me forward quickly. One of them was to move back to my home – a place I had to leave because of personal reasons – but now I find myself back in.

I know that this was the right choice, because a strange turn of events left my wife and I enough money to comfortably move. During this time there has been so much reflection on the past. What led me to this point of returning and why I decided to move away. I only wish to follow this force of intuition that I finally am in harmony with.

Many personal changes have occurred in my world – I have lost many things with the turning of time that are no longer important to me or necessary for my growth. Things that I once held personally important have all been discarded in order to learn how to remain 100% true to myself in the future.



The Law of Love and Will


“Someone who does not know that there is an ordered universe does not know where he is. Someone who does not know the natural purpose of the universe does not know who he is or what the universe is. Someone who fails in any one of these ways could not tell you the purpose of his own existence either. So what do you think of the man who fears or courts the applause of an audience who have no idea where they are or who they are?”
– Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

The Law of Thelema reflects an aspect of the order of things. From above, to below, there is organization of life – each thing in the universe an aspect of it, that reflects its perfection and mystery – without its purpose and being, the whole could not be.

Our lives can respect this organization, and we can follow our True hearts, our proper path in relation to our true nature – or fall into the emptiness of achievement of worldly ends.

Worldly desire is already a given objective for almost everyone – there’s no need to have a spirituality if you are obsessed with the glamour of power and ownership. Though there is nothing wrong at all with these things – the point of this entry is aimed somewhere else.

“A man is said to be confirmed in spiritual knowledge when he forsaketh every desire which entereth into his heart, and of himself is happy and content in the Self through the Self.” – the Bhagavad Gita

The Law of Thelema is a misleading affirmation which for many, is a statement of freedom from the bondage of mental slavery and enslavement to ownership. The slavery of those who cannot break free from their hypnosis, in sync with the glazed over eyes of the faceless, brainless masses and their pressure on other people to follow the herd. No matter there, we are focused on finding our life’s calling.

It reminds me of the concept Buddhists and Hindus hold dear, their belief that their deeds can pull them closer, further downward into an existence that is chained to the outcome of good and bad, pleasure and pain. You exist in a manner that isn’t worth a shit, and you become enslaved to materiality. They believe we are reincarnated over and over. The soul lives on, being educated, evolving through many lives, given in those lives, choices to make which determine the next one. The objective then, for them, is to achieve a detachment from the phenomenon of materiality and its enslaving nature, its deluded nature – its “play of maya.”

“Even though myself unborn, of changeless existence and the lord of all existence, yet in presiding over nature-which is mine- I am born through my own Illusion – the mystic power of self ideation, the eternal thought in the eternal mind. I produce myself among creatures, whenever there is a dceline of virtue and an insurrection of vice and injustice in the world : and thus I incarnate from age to age for the preservation of the just, the destruction of the wicked, and the establishment of righteousness.” – The Bhagavad Gita

My personal experience of the Occult has been destructive rather than reinforcing – compared to the general attitude towards Magick and the Occult – it had everything to do with a path of surrendering. A path of meditative states. A path of becoming stronger by learning to accept all experiences and obstacles as something chosen. Little by little the yearning for “I, me, mine” becomes burned away by the true longing for something greater to enter life. I’ve wrestled with this fact and it has been something to make me avoid the “Path” alltogether.


“Do what thou wilt shalt be the whole of the Law. Do that and no other shall say nay.”


Love is the law, love under will.

This Love has nothing to do with the creed of “love thy neighbor” or the cyclic love/hate illusion of most relationships. This is the emotional yearning for the aspiring seeker for the union of his consciousness with the objective Otherness outside of and within himself.

This is the Love for and seeking of a relationship with the Self – that clarity of awareness which permeates the entire universe, every living being and thing in it witholds its “Spark.”

This Love is not the possessive Love of everyday romance or a call to “love thy neighbor” – this Love is an evergrowing heart’s desire yearning from a person to know thyself. With the mind set in its course to act in harmony with itself we thus understand :

“Every Man and Woman is a Star.”

So we now understand then, that each person is a collection of memories, experiences, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, genetic background – that makes them who they are. We cannot force anyone to do anything and should not.

Where we are in our lives, is where only can affect good change. We are bound to our proper course in the Universe. We cannot and should not actively pursue to change or alter anyone else’s path. Reverting ourselves, or any other person is the only Sin of the Book of the Law.

“The only Sin is Restriction”

Thus the only sin is to restrict ourselves or attempt to restrict others, from the achievement of the Will.

This Love is the combination of two things – its a formula for the realization that “I” don’t exist without “it” and “it” doesn’t exist without me.

This Love is the power binding all things together and the realization that one singular thing does not exist without its relation to the Whole.

“Judge yourself entitled to any word or action which is in accord with nature, and do not let any subsequent criticism or persuasion from anyone talk you out of it. No, if it was a good thing to do or say, do not revoke your entitlement. Those others are guided by their own minds and pursue their own impulses. Do not be distracted by any of this, but continue straight ahead, following your own nature and universal nature: these two have one and the same path.” – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

(Artwork by Theodor Kittelsen)

The Thelemic Aeon

The general idea in the Book of the Law is that in one shape or another, the Matriarchal and Patriarchal Aeons behind our previous evolutionary periods are now combined or available to us both for wisdom and guidance. In this sense, they have bared a Child. But with that at our disposal, there is responsibility on our shoulders and blood on our hands. We must discard the habitual programming of the outdated Aeons as well.


It’s not hard to see how the pendulum of our spirits totters back and forth from the equalizing spirit of the Feminine to the domineering and fascist mind of the Masculine. The belief is that – once deeming the Spirit outside of humanity in the form of the Goddess, the Patriarchal forces then denied her this right and took it for their own. At first the guidance was necessary – but now has become decadent, the teachings skewed for political ends. Those that are religious – only believe the Spirit is outside of us – accessed through priesthood, dead dogmas and scriptures and misunderstood rituals. Any other idea would have put you in danger of being burned alive, out casted or hung a couple hundred years ago. The concept of “There is no god but man” in the Book of the Law for me, is not atheistic certainty but realization that our existence is interdependent the subjective awareness of the human being and the objective experience of reality.


This ties into the Hermetic law of “As Above, So Below.” You are what you think. What we perceive to be true eventually comes true. What is cast from the imaginary, creative realms of the mind can and will manifest into material reality. This is a secret of Magick and a gift from above to human beings – something that differentiates us from animals.


The mother and father copulate and thus is born the Child. This also is explored in the Book of the Law. The Goddess Nuit, eternal queen of the Night sky – eager and ready to embrace anyone willing to dissolve their single point of awareness into her teeming void. Hadit – that inward focal point of consciousness in the teeming void of the Universe, seeking its own liberation and upward thrust outwards – that serpent of Light and life force. Their Child is the spiritual formula of our Age. The Child is the symbol that God and Goddess is no longer outside of us – that God is no longer accessed through a priest, dead scriptures or dogmas. God is in us, of us, always.


     The Child of Innocence and Ignorance


Crowley taught that human kind at this point is childlike. We have “lost the battle” in a lot of ways, ripped from the natural order and sunken into the comfort of materialism and the easy life – led by industrial progress. We no longer believe we can govern ourselves – we rely on the machine-like order of government, police and surveillance to act on our behalf. In reality they do nothing but senselessly lock up individuals, kill them, and take away more of our liberties and censor us – we believe it is for our own good.


Our spirit is child-like in the sense that it is always grasping and needing and wanting. We need distractions and ownership. Materialism and ownership runs rampant. We all have a gaping void inside our hearts from trauma of loss. Because of our inability to access the ancestral spiritual guidance which were available to earlier periods of humanity as well as a rampantly manipulative market which advertises you aren’t complete without its product or its truth – we buy, buy, buy. But this owning of “things” is also reflective in the possessive and love / hate relationships many people experience with significant others, or the puffed up sense of control one gets lost in with the career title or occult knowledge.


This is the Child of Horus – who is symbolized as a young boy with his finger to his mouth. The god of silence.


The void can never be filled. Not with the possession of beliefs, another person or things. But it is only through the void that we can define our purpose in life – that “thing” we set off to accomplish. Our higher goal, our higher selves.


The Spirit of Horus in our Age of darkness is simultaneously child-like in innocence, wrathful in vengeance and war-like in purpose – sending off to die our personal obstacles, weaknesses and distorted beliefs – for the sake of the development of relationship to our True Selves and accomplishment of our purpose in this life.











Crowley and the Aeon



Aleister Crowley’s name has been slandered by the powers that be, ones that he intentionally went up against, during an era of stale concepts of dogmatic purity and conventional attitudes towards what was socially acceptable. What he uncovered in the western occult world – secrets intentionally kept secret from the population – would also cost him his reputation. Aleister Crowley will only be recognized as a true genius and scholar by the people who have recognized his body of work – the rest only see him as a symbol of intrigue or evil, whimsical mystery or eclecticism and a name to totter off at the bar to seem knowledgeable about something “underground” or whatever, “edgy” as everyone says these days.

What Aleister Crowley left behind is a body of work which made available the tools and keys to real magic. Practical and in depth guidance for any Westerner to achieve spiritual Gnosis and the development of the Self. Crowley was versed in Greek, Egyptian, Roman philosophies and beliefs. Crowley was versed in Buddhist and Hindu practices. Crowley was able to understand the Chinese I-Ching, the Tarot, the Hebrew Kabbalah tradition. Crowley understood Alchemy, Freemasonry. But most importantly, Crowley’s life seemed to directly give him enough finances and freedom to explore the extremes of what we can say was Shamanic initiation and report back to the waitress, the lawyer, the pianist, the addict, the worker, the housewife how to navigate their path in an ever growing confused society based on the individual.

I would rather hear “it” (preaching to Humanity) from an English man who battled addiction to Heroin and cocaine, who was a social reject, had travelled the world and explored many traditions – than a dead and buried man of the cloth and martyr. A shepard symbol, whose original words and message were mangled and tainted for the use of Roman political purposes. I would rather “hear it” from Men that have lived, explored, made mistakes, made achievements – than stale, old, narrow minded priests, preachers, church ladies – whose lives are not even attempts at floating neutrally through extremes of reality – they’re just plain chained to the dogma of a jealous and evil Jehovah and were too afraid of the backlash by society or of Hell – to venture out.

What he should be recognized as, is overlooked by slander and misunderstanding. Not to say that he was an innocent person. But an inspiration. (And a difficult read for modern minds).



One of Crowley’s most famous works. The Book of the Law. Said to have been “channeled” during his visit to Egypt for three days, the three chapters reflect three different Gods that are said to be sort of “screwing” with humanity for better or worse.

Whether or not Crowley went too far off the deep end, or needed good promotional hype for the selling of this book has been up for argument – but one thing is for certain – I have read this book more than 10 times in attempts to uncover exactly what the fuck is going on. Many attempts left me with a headache.

There are many important keys to understanding the Book of the Law and the Law of Thelema. There are some contradictions as well. Crowley was said to have disliked the later parts of the book.

The Book of the Law discloses three occult forces which are at work among human existence. They all have a formulaic approach in their words. Spiritual currents are said to be operating behind the scenes of our day to day existence, during an ever growing apocalyptic span of time – as one can gather from the social conflicts tearing our communities apart, holy wars at large, increase in surveillance of civilians, distractions by consumerism and sports, natural disasters and so on. Human spirit has been crippled by forces keeping us engaged in outdated and unnecessary states of mind and thinking processes. More on that later.

These spans of time and spiritual currents are called Aeons. These eras are spurred by archetypes, and reflect the evolution of our consciousness human life on earth.

“The dawn of humanity” must have been in wandering bands of men and women who were not fully aware of the sexual responsibilities held to men. It’s said that it was the age of the Goddess. Man was born, lived by nurturing of the Mother and the harvest of the earth, and then it was to her that he would return. The Goddess of fertility, plenty and a smaller concept of tribalism – where there would be less competition or strife – and more of a sense of peace and abundance among kin – was prevalent. At least that’s the general idea. Crowley called this the Aeon of ISIS. The Mother – Goddess was the spiritual current at work in humanity at this time.

The reality of death must have been a strange phenomenon to primordial humanity. Death had its necessary archetypes in the Pagan world. In my mind, Death must have been coupled with the mother. Whether or not Death was an evil of and in itself force, or a necessary aspect of Life, it had its own Aeon. From death, there is the reality of fertile ground, something else arises. Literally from the ground where corpses and rotten things lay, come sprouting new life. This Aeon was of Apophis. Apophis, Set, Typhon, these were the Egyptian concepts of Chaos, rebellion, mischief and death. The necessary claiming of their power showed an awe and respect for that catalyst for new life, and in the Pagan world, rebirth.

At some point, during the evolution of human spirit, Men realized that women could not bear children without his seed. The marking of the era where the spiritual force of evolution was guided by Solar Patriarchy was denominated the Aeon of Osiris, by Crowley. As Life was affirming, Death was destructive, ALL Pagan traditions believed in not only an afterlife, but reincarnation. This symbol was usually related to the mysteries of the seasons, and the positive, masculine aspects of the Sun. The Dying and Resurrecting God can be seen in Germanic – Scandinavian traditions as Baldur. In Egyptian, as Osiris. I have less knowledge of the Greek, Roman and Middle Eastern traditions – but the names of the Gods were Bacchus, Dionysus, Mithra. Not only was this a religious attitude felt by the people – but the actual lordship and nobility was said to be divined by the Gods. The actual people who governed kingdoms and empires in this time were meant to symbolize the Solar forces – rites and ceremonies given by the priesthood among the King were solar in nature – in many words, keeping the chaotic forces of destruction and death at bay.

The Aeon of Osiris came to its corrosive elements with Jesus Christ. No longer necessary – some could say that humanity has been enslaved by this mentality – as it doesn’t serve our interests but the interests of others who would prefer they remain in power. The Aeon of Osiris is really the Aeon of Jesus Christ in the sense that most of humanity has been taken by storm by it. Though most of us do not realize that Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection has a symbolic message and take it as literal truth.




The Tarot and the Runes : Naudiz and the Devil

Ask any person seriously accomplishing anything – and there must be something unpleasant at the core of their being which they will always remember – something that after a long period of time urged them to stop wasting their precious moments on this planet and DO. Live. Sacrifice – to make their dreams manifest. There is a special need to be met. But what else would make this urgency occur in a person? Pleasure – comfort – satisfaction – peace? We are driven to act by friction, strife and misery.

What else would have caused ancients living in far away times dig under layers of earth to uncover ore for the use of making iron, with no shovels, but hands and sticks – or fire? What else would have caused our ancestors, driven by political, religious or ecological strife – to create ships and make their presence known in distant lands either by trading, raiding or invasion? It was an inner striving – a need.

This is the force of Naudiz – the Germanic Rune of the Needfire. One of the many ways of creating a campfire is the use of a plank of wood, brush, a bow and a stick of wood. The stick is pointed at the end, and twisting the rope of the bow around the stick – you then twist the wood back and forth on the plank. The rapid friction of the bow on the plank of wood – with flammable material – will cause for ignition.

 The main message I recieve from this powerful secret is that desperate times, crucial times, call for the use of OUR potential. Times of struggle call for a refocus of our minds and actions towards how we can work with what he have – and in this way we develop power and ability in the long run – which in many words is Will. Like a craft aimed at propelling towards the heavens, it must have hard, thick, heavy friction below to push off from.

The Runes are very useful tools for those on a path with the desire to develop into something – i look at them like the symbol of a necessary counseling needed at difficult times – and in this way – can be keys to accessing new aspects of ourselves – more willingly – no matter how afraid, painful or unsure we may be. And the same goes for the Tarot.


A man went walking on his quest for spiritual liberation. He saw a mountain – and there at the top – he knew he would find true understanding of his existence. He made his way up – and was confronted by a monstrous Devil who wanted him to turn around. He was also distracted by a beautiful woman who was eager to pull him off the quest into sex, but he kept going. As he finally made his way up to the top of the mountain – he came to relization – there being nothing but him and the top – that God is himself, the mountain, the woman, the Devil and the All. That realization was – he is everything – that the inner core of his being is a Self that is within all of the universe. Clear, unnamable, untouchable – even describing it is useless.

The Devil in Aleister Crowley’s mind was a symbolic archetype for individual consciosuness expanded, exalted. This is the purpose of the symbol of the Goat – that archaic figure which once was known in the Pagan world as the Greek God Pan of lust. Pan’s name was meant to conceal that he was the “All.” He is everything. And when we look at the Devil – through Crowley’s lense – we should be seeing the formula for intitiation into personal understanding of ourselves and the relationship between “I” and “the Other.” Those that were said to see Pan in his true form would go insane with fear at the sight of his vastness. This is poetic explanation for the actual timid nature of man’s life in the monstrous expansion of all being in this universe.

In this way – there is something very relatable with Naudiz and the Devil. Both are meant to convey the individual’s Will power in relation to the phenomenon of circumstance. What will we do when we are challenged – What will the Devil show us of ourselves – and how can we prove the enemies or challenges wrong – that we can survive and win.
Both are powerful constructs in our minds if we are in times of need – or exploration – that sometimes we must be like the Goat on the highest mountain tops, frolicking under a blazing sun – laughing in the face of adversity and a jealous god which would see us fall to our deaths if we falter in our balance and confidence.

The main message of the Devil – is that it is an archetypal force without Man’s relationship to reality – here is our relationship to work, to indulgence, to self knowledge or endeavors – how are we enslaved, how are we willfully obsessed – or if life is handing it to us, are we still able to retain a sense of humor and say “Is this all you’ve got?” Another main message of the Devil – is to follow the archetype of the rebellious Man on his way towards transformation – don’t be suprised to become hated or scapegoated for it.

But there is another metaphysical underpinning here, which was explained earlier, that the Devil is Man’s spirit exalted, expanded – in a Zen state – where he becomes All and All becomes him.

The Tarot and the Runes : Death and Ansuz

The “System” offers you either two options for facing major change, loss and death : psychology / medication or major religions. Both never worked for me. Maybe for you, but for me I have had to use other means. Let it be said that “divination” in the sense of fortune telling is untrustworthy of an occupation and to simply think that by reading some cards you can pull away from uncertainty in the light of what fate hands you – is taking a huge chance. Most of what is discovered is realized after the fact, and in a different light these tools are to assist a Man on his path to self knowledge. Most of what I have discovered through the Tarot or what the Runes show – always has to do with insight about my flawed nature. Where to go, how to change how I see things, from where I am currently stuck. The accountability is hardly ever on anyone else but ourselves.

                Major transformation – the point of real “Occultism” is not won over by doing “spells” but very practical effort which means “sacrifice of self unto self.” It can’t be ran from and many call it an ordeal.
                Today we’re going to focus on Death, Transformation, illusion, loss and freedom – as well as the light of inspiration and godly knowledge of our lives and where they are going.
I have always had an interest in the Runes but never was able to really interact with them, and found myself using the Thoth deck for three years until I found myself drawn to using the Runes. My use of them is not in the same manner of the Tarot. The Runes to me are similar to how sigils can be used. Meditation, contemplation, power symbols. The Runes may be simple in their form – but this helps them contain more power in concentration on the symbol – easily affecting the subconscious. The Tarot is interlaced with symbols and talking points from all over the globe and from various religions, myths and philosophies. After a while of considering it, it dawned on me that I should begin using the Runes. I created my own set of the Elder Futhark – and asking for the Rune that should guide me during this time, unable to see what I was picking out, it was Ansuz.
                 Ansuz is said to be a receiver, transmitter and container of power, wisdom and inspiration. Ansuz is of the poets, creators unleash into the material what is envisioned and felt in the mind and heart. Ansuz is of Odin, and the Rune symbolizes his flowing cloak in the wind. Odin is a God of several different names, and in many of his tales, puts on a different appearance – disguising himself to fool enemies or to test the hearts and wits of men and Giants. Odin hung himself on the World Tree, Yggdrasil and stabbed himself with a spear, where for 9 days and nights, in a shamanic process of dying and returning, he was able to access the numinous knowledge of the Runes. Odin also gave his one eye as a trade for wisdom from the Well of Inspiration and Wisdom. There are many accounts of his sacrificial, transformative and dangerous acts for the sake of improving himself and evolving. Ansuz is a symbol of what is before you on your transformation – sacrifice, loss but then gain, achievement.
Ansuz for me has been a symbol of inspiration to transform – but the lesson is something must be given away to achieve transformation. Time, money, energy, focus, comfort.
                The Major Arcana are 24 in number, similar to the Runes. The Major Arcana represent Zodiacal forces, archetypes, gods. They bring messages with their signs, they stand for many things at once. Death is also Scorpio. Depicted with a crown and a scythe – here is an actually positive and powerful symbol for those in caustic and turbulent phases of life. Death, for me is a symbol of Loss.
                The important message on one level around the Death card, is that we are facing a heavy Loss in our lives. But with Loss, comes the opening of new energy, though a piece of ourselves will always be lost and dead along with that important object of our Love which we can never let go of. For me, Death is an initiatory symbol related to our actual attachment to life and fear of death. For those in tune with the message of the Tarot – for Pagans and occultists, Death is only a passage into another life. Leave the monotheists to their absolutes about heaven or hell, or the scientific atheist to theirs. The concept of fearing loss, fearing death, fearing change, must be faced, addressed, or else real denial, real error and delusion can occur.
                We require tragedy, we require loss, we require darkness, we require death – without being lost, there is no way to create our purpose – without hate, there is no love. Old, dead and useless thought processes, habits and actions must be buried, silenced and forgotten – to make way for vital, empowering and important ones that can spur real momentum on paths to uncovering our Purpose in life.