Mix for Analog Airwaves




Here is a 2 hour mix I recorded for Analog Airwaves radio. A ride through many sounds I thought had an interesting sort of overlap – though their designated genre would be parallel.. This mix is downloadable and for preview below. Enjoy!


laser – laserdance
heinrich dressel – sighing melodies through the trees
lime – i don’t wanna lose you
too smooth christ – crepuscule over heraklion
opp analysis – devil’s dancers
der zyklus – formenverwandler
black egg – leaving
francisco cosmo – system 3 (bonus beats)
eleven pond – watching trees
new sin – black fantasy (instrumental)
exp products – glowing in the dark again
jamie principle – your love
lab rat xl – lab rat 3
marco giordani – orizzonti
severed heads – dead eyes opened
david bowie – america (smackos remix)
xymox – obsession
vicious pink – ccccan’t you see
college – alter ego
aril brikha – contact
unit black flight – preternatural convergence
alessandro parisi – nagarian space cruiser
terence fixmer – suffocate
tuff city kids – beggar


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