With the turning of the season to fall, I feel my creativity hightens. The soul – like a tree with roots underground and branches reaching into lofty heavens – sheds the unnecessary spirits of the year like leaves. The mind turns to gratitude to the ALL for the harvested rewards that were earned through actions through the year.

The unnecessary is buried in the mounds, rewards of actions are harvested – and in the back of my mind – I drift into the heavy meanings this time of year must have held for them. They that toiled, struggled, yearned to live, love and grow as a people and a lineage for centuries – my ancestors. And my ancestors believed that the passage that the Sun made through this time – this season – lifted the veil between the beyond and the living. Gratitude, love and offerings were given to the spirits of deceased family. Blessings were given to the holy powers that represented special aspects of the ALL.

For me, autumn is the time of melancholy, the time is drifting into coldness. There is a return to solitude and inspiration. There is a drifting into synchronization with time and the season.

There are occult symbols of the power that is to be acquired through the adherence of our souls path to the rhythm of the sun’s path through the seasons. The Chariot Tarot card is one.


The Chariot in the THOTH deck is depicted as an armored soldier sitting in a meditative position on a Chariot without a horse. He is simply at the helm with the four Kerubim – representing the four seasons. He sits at peace with the direction that the Will of the All takes him – and this means that there are different spirits to the seasons. The time of fall and winter is a time of introspection, solitude, and beginning to contemplate the desired accomplishments of the next year.

But also, as our soul is like a tree, and our useless characteristics fall to the ground and die.

It seems that I have made personal choices this year that have been rapid, and moved me forward quickly. One of them was to move back to my home – a place I had to leave because of personal reasons – but now I find myself back in.

I know that this was the right choice, because a strange turn of events left my wife and I enough money to comfortably move. During this time there has been so much reflection on the past. What led me to this point of returning and why I decided to move away. I only wish to follow this force of intuition that I finally am in harmony with.

Many personal changes have occurred in my world – I have lost many things with the turning of time that are no longer important to me or necessary for my growth. Things that I once held personally important have all been discarded in order to learn how to remain 100% true to myself in the future.



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