Crowley and the Aeon



Aleister Crowley’s name has been slandered by the powers that be, ones that he intentionally went up against, during an era of stale concepts of dogmatic purity and conventional attitudes towards what was socially acceptable. What he uncovered in the western occult world – secrets intentionally kept secret from the population – would also cost him his reputation. Aleister Crowley will only be recognized as a true genius and scholar by the people who have recognized his body of work – the rest only see him as a symbol of intrigue or evil, whimsical mystery or eclecticism and a name to totter off at the bar to seem knowledgeable about something “underground” or whatever, “edgy” as everyone says these days.

What Aleister Crowley left behind is a body of work which made available the tools and keys to real magic. Practical and in depth guidance for any Westerner to achieve spiritual Gnosis and the development of the Self. Crowley was versed in Greek, Egyptian, Roman philosophies and beliefs. Crowley was versed in Buddhist and Hindu practices. Crowley was able to understand the Chinese I-Ching, the Tarot, the Hebrew Kabbalah tradition. Crowley understood Alchemy, Freemasonry. But most importantly, Crowley’s life seemed to directly give him enough finances and freedom to explore the extremes of what we can say was Shamanic initiation and report back to the waitress, the lawyer, the pianist, the addict, the worker, the housewife how to navigate their path in an ever growing confused society based on the individual.

I would rather hear “it” (preaching to Humanity) from an English man who battled addiction to Heroin and cocaine, who was a social reject, had travelled the world and explored many traditions – than a dead and buried man of the cloth and martyr. A shepard symbol, whose original words and message were mangled and tainted for the use of Roman political purposes. I would rather “hear it” from Men that have lived, explored, made mistakes, made achievements – than stale, old, narrow minded priests, preachers, church ladies – whose lives are not even attempts at floating neutrally through extremes of reality – they’re just plain chained to the dogma of a jealous and evil Jehovah and were too afraid of the backlash by society or of Hell – to venture out.

What he should be recognized as, is overlooked by slander and misunderstanding. Not to say that he was an innocent person. But an inspiration. (And a difficult read for modern minds).



One of Crowley’s most famous works. The Book of the Law. Said to have been “channeled” during his visit to Egypt for three days, the three chapters reflect three different Gods that are said to be sort of “screwing” with humanity for better or worse.

Whether or not Crowley went too far off the deep end, or needed good promotional hype for the selling of this book has been up for argument – but one thing is for certain – I have read this book more than 10 times in attempts to uncover exactly what the fuck is going on. Many attempts left me with a headache.

There are many important keys to understanding the Book of the Law and the Law of Thelema. There are some contradictions as well. Crowley was said to have disliked the later parts of the book.

The Book of the Law discloses three occult forces which are at work among human existence. They all have a formulaic approach in their words. Spiritual currents are said to be operating behind the scenes of our day to day existence, during an ever growing apocalyptic span of time – as one can gather from the social conflicts tearing our communities apart, holy wars at large, increase in surveillance of civilians, distractions by consumerism and sports, natural disasters and so on. Human spirit has been crippled by forces keeping us engaged in outdated and unnecessary states of mind and thinking processes. More on that later.

These spans of time and spiritual currents are called Aeons. These eras are spurred by archetypes, and reflect the evolution of our consciousness human life on earth.

“The dawn of humanity” must have been in wandering bands of men and women who were not fully aware of the sexual responsibilities held to men. It’s said that it was the age of the Goddess. Man was born, lived by nurturing of the Mother and the harvest of the earth, and then it was to her that he would return. The Goddess of fertility, plenty and a smaller concept of tribalism – where there would be less competition or strife – and more of a sense of peace and abundance among kin – was prevalent. At least that’s the general idea. Crowley called this the Aeon of ISIS. The Mother – Goddess was the spiritual current at work in humanity at this time.

The reality of death must have been a strange phenomenon to primordial humanity. Death had its necessary archetypes in the Pagan world. In my mind, Death must have been coupled with the mother. Whether or not Death was an evil of and in itself force, or a necessary aspect of Life, it had its own Aeon. From death, there is the reality of fertile ground, something else arises. Literally from the ground where corpses and rotten things lay, come sprouting new life. This Aeon was of Apophis. Apophis, Set, Typhon, these were the Egyptian concepts of Chaos, rebellion, mischief and death. The necessary claiming of their power showed an awe and respect for that catalyst for new life, and in the Pagan world, rebirth.

At some point, during the evolution of human spirit, Men realized that women could not bear children without his seed. The marking of the era where the spiritual force of evolution was guided by Solar Patriarchy was denominated the Aeon of Osiris, by Crowley. As Life was affirming, Death was destructive, ALL Pagan traditions believed in not only an afterlife, but reincarnation. This symbol was usually related to the mysteries of the seasons, and the positive, masculine aspects of the Sun. The Dying and Resurrecting God can be seen in Germanic – Scandinavian traditions as Baldur. In Egyptian, as Osiris. I have less knowledge of the Greek, Roman and Middle Eastern traditions – but the names of the Gods were Bacchus, Dionysus, Mithra. Not only was this a religious attitude felt by the people – but the actual lordship and nobility was said to be divined by the Gods. The actual people who governed kingdoms and empires in this time were meant to symbolize the Solar forces – rites and ceremonies given by the priesthood among the King were solar in nature – in many words, keeping the chaotic forces of destruction and death at bay.

The Aeon of Osiris came to its corrosive elements with Jesus Christ. No longer necessary – some could say that humanity has been enslaved by this mentality – as it doesn’t serve our interests but the interests of others who would prefer they remain in power. The Aeon of Osiris is really the Aeon of Jesus Christ in the sense that most of humanity has been taken by storm by it. Though most of us do not realize that Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection has a symbolic message and take it as literal truth.




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