The Tarot and the Runes : Death and Ansuz

The “System” offers you either two options for facing major change, loss and death : psychology / medication or major religions. Both never worked for me. Maybe for you, but for me I have had to use other means. Let it be said that “divination” in the sense of fortune telling is untrustworthy of an occupation and to simply think that by reading some cards you can pull away from uncertainty in the light of what fate hands you – is taking a huge chance. Most of what is discovered is realized after the fact, and in a different light these tools are to assist a Man on his path to self knowledge. Most of what I have discovered through the Tarot or what the Runes show – always has to do with insight about my flawed nature. Where to go, how to change how I see things, from where I am currently stuck. The accountability is hardly ever on anyone else but ourselves.

                Major transformation – the point of real “Occultism” is not won over by doing “spells” but very practical effort which means “sacrifice of self unto self.” It can’t be ran from and many call it an ordeal.
                Today we’re going to focus on Death, Transformation, illusion, loss and freedom – as well as the light of inspiration and godly knowledge of our lives and where they are going.
I have always had an interest in the Runes but never was able to really interact with them, and found myself using the Thoth deck for three years until I found myself drawn to using the Runes. My use of them is not in the same manner of the Tarot. The Runes to me are similar to how sigils can be used. Meditation, contemplation, power symbols. The Runes may be simple in their form – but this helps them contain more power in concentration on the symbol – easily affecting the subconscious. The Tarot is interlaced with symbols and talking points from all over the globe and from various religions, myths and philosophies. After a while of considering it, it dawned on me that I should begin using the Runes. I created my own set of the Elder Futhark – and asking for the Rune that should guide me during this time, unable to see what I was picking out, it was Ansuz.
                 Ansuz is said to be a receiver, transmitter and container of power, wisdom and inspiration. Ansuz is of the poets, creators unleash into the material what is envisioned and felt in the mind and heart. Ansuz is of Odin, and the Rune symbolizes his flowing cloak in the wind. Odin is a God of several different names, and in many of his tales, puts on a different appearance – disguising himself to fool enemies or to test the hearts and wits of men and Giants. Odin hung himself on the World Tree, Yggdrasil and stabbed himself with a spear, where for 9 days and nights, in a shamanic process of dying and returning, he was able to access the numinous knowledge of the Runes. Odin also gave his one eye as a trade for wisdom from the Well of Inspiration and Wisdom. There are many accounts of his sacrificial, transformative and dangerous acts for the sake of improving himself and evolving. Ansuz is a symbol of what is before you on your transformation – sacrifice, loss but then gain, achievement.
Ansuz for me has been a symbol of inspiration to transform – but the lesson is something must be given away to achieve transformation. Time, money, energy, focus, comfort.
                The Major Arcana are 24 in number, similar to the Runes. The Major Arcana represent Zodiacal forces, archetypes, gods. They bring messages with their signs, they stand for many things at once. Death is also Scorpio. Depicted with a crown and a scythe – here is an actually positive and powerful symbol for those in caustic and turbulent phases of life. Death, for me is a symbol of Loss.
                The important message on one level around the Death card, is that we are facing a heavy Loss in our lives. But with Loss, comes the opening of new energy, though a piece of ourselves will always be lost and dead along with that important object of our Love which we can never let go of. For me, Death is an initiatory symbol related to our actual attachment to life and fear of death. For those in tune with the message of the Tarot – for Pagans and occultists, Death is only a passage into another life. Leave the monotheists to their absolutes about heaven or hell, or the scientific atheist to theirs. The concept of fearing loss, fearing death, fearing change, must be faced, addressed, or else real denial, real error and delusion can occur.
                We require tragedy, we require loss, we require darkness, we require death – without being lost, there is no way to create our purpose – without hate, there is no love. Old, dead and useless thought processes, habits and actions must be buried, silenced and forgotten – to make way for vital, empowering and important ones that can spur real momentum on paths to uncovering our Purpose in life.

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